How I Make Money Online? (I Will Show You Everything) – How I Make Money Online? (I Will Show You Everything). The secrets of a successful online business in this free course stay tunedhi friends.

How are you i’m Hasan from H-educate and today i’m really so excited to publishthis, new free course, where i will share with youalmost everything i do online.

All my businessesmy plans. What do i do? My secret tips everythingin, this short free course.

I really advise younot to miss any second, because in each second youmay hear a new tip. You may see something that willhelp you boost your revenue and build a strongonline business.

Before we go to my screen and seewhat, i do exactly practically show you everythingmy dashboards, my numbers, everything you want tosee and everything else. I want to talk like two orthree minutes about the online business strategieshow. You can start working online.

I want to sharewith you the main five online business. Strategiesso number one is SAAS business model or whatwe call software as a service. What’S thissimply, you build a website and onthis website.

You provide a serviceand you charge on a monthly basis, so youare selling memberships, a simple examplenetflix netflix, is a website where you will buya membership, a monthly membership to watch moviesand whatever and waste your time of coursenumber two is freelancing. What is freelancingfreelancing simply.

Is you provide your skillsonline as an example? If you are a graphic, designera logo designer, maybe an architect, maybe youcreate, DIY stuffs? Maybe you are a developer aprogrammer.

Whatever you do, any skill you haveyou can provide and sell online. What do youdo simply is to create a profile and publishwhat.

We call gigs or services on websites likefiverr like, like likepeople per hour and other freelancing. Websitenumber three is affiliate marketing.

If youare, following my channel, you know, i talka lot about affiliate, which is one of the beststrategies to make money online and work from homesimply affiliate marketing is to promote affiliateproducts is to promote products and services, forsomeone else for other companies, and you willearn, a commission per Sale or maybe sometimesper lead or per sign up or maybe per action.

Whichis CPA marketing number four is content: creationand monetization. What this means simply youcreate content, like maybe a blog and you publisharticles.

Maybe you create a youtube channel, maybeyou create an instagram account and you publishcontent on it post and so on. Facebook, pagewhatever type of content, maybe an ebook, a courseanything, and you monetize it. What do you mean bymonetize?

It is to do something to make money. Fromthis content like in youtube, you can join thepartners program and publish ads on your videoson, your blog. You can also monetize with googleadsense and publish some ads.

Maybe you can sellthrough your blog, sell your services or promoteyour services. Maybe you can provide shout outservice like sponsorships.

We have a lot ofmethods to monetize. I will show you a lot of themin. This free course number five is e-commerceor.

What we call online stores, so you create anonline, store an online shop and you sell productsthese products can be physical products or digitalproducts. What am i digital?

Maybe you are sellingebooks online ebooks, maybe courses online coursesmaybe, you are selling designs or logos, whateveryou are selling a digital product, you can sellin an online store or maybe are selling physicalproducts, like maybe tech, stuff, mobile phones, maybeyour, diy stuff, whatever maybe flowers anything youcan sell through An online store, so these are thefive main strategies that almost 99 % of people whoare successful and working online works throughthese strategies. Let’S now move on and see how iapplied all these strategies in my online businessand, i will show you everything reveal everythinghow.

connect things together. My secret tipsmy secret formulas, everything here on my screenso, let’s start so here is my main websiteplease from now on, focus very well and don’tmiss. Any second, please i will mention thingsmaybe.

It will help you a lot in your onlinebusiness. So this is my home page. My main websitewhen you land on this page, the first thing youwill see, is the main heading, the title: the menuand, this opt-in box, the subscribe or the emailsign up box, and this main navigation. You can seeso a simple clean and, to the point website, solet’s see how my website will answer the firstquestion directly. If anyone know if you land on mywebsite – and you want to ask what is aboutdirectly, you will see this, it’s all about onlinebusiness and digital marketing. It’S direct andto, the point and the subheading is simply learnunique.

Digital marketing online business skillsthat boost your revenue from the firstmonth, so it’s all about digital marketingand, online business and educating aboutnew skills to help you grow your businessso, that’s simple, direct direct heading.

The secondmain thing is this: big opt-in box, where anyonecan subscribe to my newsletter, email, marketing, isreally, very, very, very, very important. If you have abusiness online or maybe even offline, and you arenot building your email list, you are losing a lotof customers, a lot of traffic.

A lot of clientsyou are losing a lot. This big opt-in box is oneof the best things i did in my website to collectand build my email list and by the way wheneversomeone signups. Here i am using convertkit for myprivate email list and you can see today.

I have 4200 subscribers only if you go to my website andclick on the similar web extension here, you willsee i’m getting around 264,000 visits per monthso. Why i have this low number of subscribersi will tell you in a little bit anyway, so thisis.

The second thing, which is the big opt-in, boxthe third thing, is this big, simple and attractivemenu, where i can point people to my other servicesstarting from now.

will hear me a lot sayingpoint to other services point to other websitewhat.

Does this mean it means that i’m connectingmy online business together? I am connecting myservices, i am connecting my websites, so hereit will take you to my academy here to my forumhere, to my blog and here to my recommendationssimple and clean navigation.

Now, please don’t worryabout the technical stuff, how i build this soon, iwill publish a full free course.

Here on my channelshowing, you step by step, how i created my websiteusing wordpress. What themes i am using the thefree theme by the way the free plugins everythingi, will show you in detail.

Please now focus on thetips and the topics and the tricks. I am sharingwith you and forget about the technical stuffokay. Please focus very well number four here ihave.

My main menu again in my main menu here, i ampointing again pointing to all my other servicesmy academy, my blog, my forum, my service websitewhere. I sell my services freelancing.

My ebookshere are other services, my SAAS businesses, my SAASservices, and here is the giveaways page thegiveaways page by the way, attracts visitorsif. You go here to the giveaway.

We have a runninggiveaway by the way it has only one day: leftso if you haven’t joined, yet go and join nowit’s $ 100 cash giveaway, and we have one yearpremium account and my service bio-url.

You can gonow and join if you want anyway. So the idea, herein my website on my main home page, anyone canknow.

What is the website about this number oneanyone – can subscribe to my email list, so i canbuild my email list. Anyone can navigate directlyin this menu or reach any of my services andother websites to the main menu. Okay, so keepin mind all these tips.

Whenever you want tocreate the home page of your main websiteokay. Now you may ask okay Hasan. This is yourwebsite.

How do you make money out of this simplythis main website is like a navigational mapfor. All my businesses, let’s see a direct exampleyou, can see here is my academy or, if someoneclicks, on this link to my academy he or shewill land.

On my academy here i am selling mycourses. You can see here. My courses that iam selling inside my academy and by the way anonline academy is a form of a digital store. Sohere is one example of my online stores. Wherei am selling online courses a digital productif.

You like to see some numbers, i will go to mydashboard. I know a lot of you wants to see numbersso.

This is my dashboard and, by the way, i’m usingthinkific to build my academy read a great serviceyou can see here’s my dashboard, here’s, my earningsand here is my enrollments and accounts and so onokay.

So this is a simple example. One example ofmy online businesses, which is an online storeselling digital products, selling online coursesand.

You can see on my main website. I am linkingto my academy, so this is the first example. Thesecond example is my blog. You can see my blogif someone clicks on this link.

He or she willland on my blog here, i publish articles tutorialssomething valuable that people will love to readand, implement something that really helps peopleyou can see.

All these articles i publish hereon my blog again on my blog. You will see i amlinking back to my main website. I am linking to myother website H-supertools. I will talk about ina little bit. You can see here.

I have this ad alsolinking to H-supertools my other website nowthe main question again how to make money out ofthis blog. How i make money out of this blog numberone is by promoting my courses promoting my otherpaid services and promoting my other websites, andaffiliate marketing, how affiliate marketing ifyou open as an example.

Now this article whichis about installing an smtp server with postal youwill, see here in this article. If you go down hereyou will see you need to get as an examplea server. You can see all these links herelinked inside the article.

It is affiliatelinks. So anyone reading the article and wantsto implement and click on the links he will buythrough my links and i will earn a commissiondo. You want to see the dashboard of thecommissions as an example for contaboi am using this affiliate network

I thinkyou saw this before, but because you love to seenumbers, i will show you also my back end dashboard, you can see now like yesterdayi made 166 dollars with affiliate marketing likethis month it’s around 1500, which is very goodin just this network.

This affiliate network – i willtalk about affiliate in a little bit, so this ismy blog. I use it to promote my other courses.

Myother services and for affiliate marketing andagain remember, i am linking back to other servicesalso from my blog, so i’m connecting everything together, and this is really very important, andvery powerful, because simply if you promote oneof these businesses, like only the blog, the blogitself, will promote also other websites. It’Sreally very important, so this is my blog let’stake another example about SAAS business. Modelsif.

You go here to my links by H-educate. You will see wehave a list of services. If you go here to the linkshortener, if you click on the link, shortenerthis website will open L-Ink.

esimply is a SAAS business model. It’S a tool. Wherepeople can subscribe to on a monthly basis. Ifyou go to pricing. You will see.

I am providingthis for like six or eight dollars per monthso. People can subscribe and join the service touse it.

And if you go down here, you will see todaywe have like 4400 customers, of course, not all ourpaid customers, but we have a lot of users usingour system, which is very good.

We served around 870,000 clicks on this platform, so this other exampleof an online business. I am also running so tillnow.

I showed you i’m running a blog. I’M running anonline store my academy digital store, i’m runningi’m running a SAAS business service. What aboutfreelancing? If you go again to my website, you will see here services link.

If you click on this, linkit will take you to my services website here, iprovide my gigs, my services, you can see now iprovide like six services and soon and publishsome more and more services this year, so hereon this website i provide my freelancing.

Services this is strategy. Number four, which is freelancing we, still have affiliate marketing. If you go to my youtube channel, you know i have a lot of videoshow.

I implemented affiliate marketing a lot of case studies you can see here in my affiliatemarketing case studies playlist here i havesix videos. I have a lot of affiliate marketing tutorials, like 18 videos and so on.

As i told you affiliate marketing is all about promoting products for other people for other serviceshow. I do this number one on my main website if. You go here to my recommendations, page if you click.

Here i have a list of recommendedservices on my website. You can see here: webhosting services, email, marketing, servicesand.

All these are affiliate links so anyone navigating through my website and checking my recommendations and click on this link and buy the service. I will get a commission. This is a very basic form of affiliate.

Promotion is monetizing the traffic with affiliate links. Also, you can seehere my setup kit.

If anyone clicks here to see mysetup, he will go at a website called you can see here. All these products are linked to amazon.

With my own affiliate link so anyonebuys those products from this website, i willalso earn a commission from amazon. Anotherway i promote affiliate products with is simplymy youtube channel.

You can see here my youtube channel if you open now any of my videos like this one how to make money with instagram, you will see in the description. I share all these things, andall.

Those things are affiliate links you can seethis and by the way, look at this simple trick. Ifyou go back to my youtube channel. You can see thischannel art, you can see this arrow here linking tomy website.

So also i am linking my youtube. Channel which is a content channel to my main website. Hereyou can see how i’m linking everything togetherit’s really very important, so you can promoteeverything promote all your content.

All your businesses by connecting them other way to promoteaffiliate, is simply the blog. I showed you howlinking inside the articles and tutorials in theblog.

Other way i promote affiliate is on my forumif. You go back to my website. You see here.

I havea forum that i launched like three months agoand by the way, listen very carefully having aforum in your business is really very, very superimportant. Let’S go back to the analytics here, insimilar web, you will see.

My website was gettinglike 116,000 views when i published the forum istarted increasing the forum gave me really a verygood push to increase my traffic.

Why? What is theimportance of creating a forum within your websiteor with your website? Simply in a forum number oneyou can organize support. You can make people talkto each other engage with each other, so insidea forum, you are not publishing content.

Regularlybut users are doing this, so it’s a user generatedmarketing technique. People will publish on theforum. People will ask each other people willanswer questions.

Of course me, and with my teamare doing really hard job to answer questionsalmost every day to give the forum a pushbut having a forum is really very important. Youcan see here the forum we have a lot of questionsand in the forum you can see.

We have banner adshere – and here like this, i am promoting convertkitaffiliate ad affiliate banner. If you open anyof. These topics like in affiliate marketingyou, will see here on the right widget.

We havea sponsored affiliate banner, so also i use theforum to generate traffic to my website and topromote affiliate products. Another very importantadvantage for having a forum is simply gettingmore organic views.

How, when people go here as anexample to this topic and start asking questionsthey are writing? What is in their minds, andwhen someone opens google to search for somethingthey search and they write what is in their mind.

If someone asks a question here, you have agood chance to rank in your forum because youhave the question and the answer in the forumand. This is also really very important.

Another good advantage for a forum you can knowwhat people are asking, you know what youraudience wants, what type of content?

What type of topics you see so also a forum is reallyvery important and it really gave my businessgave my full business, a good, a very good pushin terms of traffic and affiliate marketing andin in general. In promoting my business and againyou can see here.

I am linking it to my in mymain website. Then we have the service websitei mentioned before i run this service website tosell my gigs to sell my services. Maybe you areasking!

Now you told us Hasan, you can publishyour services on websites like fiverr or maybeupwork.

Let’S see or maybe freelancer Comand those freelancing marketplaces or freelancingwebsites or platforms. Yes, you can do this.

I can do this, but i prefer publishing on my main websitesimply, because i already built my audience so idon’t need those websites.

I don’t need up. Worki, don’t need fiverr. So i move totally to my ownwebsite, where i publish my services also don’tworry about how to build such website.

I willexplain in detail very soon how to create thiswebsite from scratch. Please again: focus on thetips and the tricks and the ideas here and forget about the technical stuff and the how-to stuffokay.

Then you go here back to my main websiteyou will find my ebooks page. Look at this page inthis page. I list my own ebooks.

I wrote like by theway i published the power of emails, one of reallythe best email, marketing, ebook, it’s totally freeyou, don’t even need to sign up or enter youremail just go and download and have fun andreally get the information in this ebook sothis is my ebook and On this page, you can seemy recommended ebooks.

I added some ebooks and thelinks are from amazon affiliate from the amazonaffiliate program, so anyone buying any of thesebooks from my website.

I will earn a commissionfrom amazon, as you can see as an example thisbook. I have this link here, a book summaryif, you open it. It will take you to one ofmy other websites. It’S called books and moredot blog. Here i publish book summaries of coursei.

Don’T do this. I have a team who published thosebook summaries where anyone can read a bookin like 10 minutes.

It’S really a nice ideai am working hard to publish more and more booksummaries to help anyone who don’t love to readtoo much, so they can read books like in 10, minutesor 15 minutes anyway, so you can see also from mymain website. I am linking to my other businessesmy other websites.

Now, if you noticed you can seethis notification bar that gets popped up what’sthis simply this is called push notification.

If you go back to my website. Again, you will see thisred icon here. It’S called the push notificationsif we open here,, which is the servicei, am using to manage push notifications, if yougo here and log in just to show youthis it’s very important by the way alsowe can see here like in my main website. I have 3600 push notification.

Whenever, whenever i publish a blog article, on my blog here, i publish a youtube video, whatever i publish, i can simply go here and send a pushnotification.

You click on this website as anexample and click new push and you push notificateto mobile phones to web browsers and you can getmore and more traffic, and this is also very veryimportant.

Okay, so don’t forget to download theebook by the way – and this is my ebooks page nowif – you go here to by H-educate – you will see a listof other services.

You can see my downloads myapplications. Maybe you know about them. My emailcenter application, my email validator, my emailmarketing toolkit – these are small tools, free toolsanyone can download and to help you in digitalmarketing and email marketing.

We can see here, wehave H-supertools my number one platform. If youclick on H-supertools, you will open this platformwhat is H-supertools.

It is simply afree SEO and digital marketing platformwebsite. If you want to ask now how i developedthis, what is the script or whatever, because alot of people is asking the same question H-supertools is not a script i developed this fromscratch.

I showed one of my videos how to createsomething similar by publishing some scriptsplease find the video in description below, but H-supertools is developed totally from scratch.

I did this from scratch and by the way soon sooni will publish the new version of H-supertoolsit’s still in development mode, but i want to showyou this. Before i publish it, you can see it.

I havea lot of new free tools. Here you can see a listof tools here is the keyword, research, an exampleyou, put a keyword like what is SEO and you searchand. The two will give you search volume, data, andrelated keywords, data for any keyword will helpyou in SEO.

We have a lot of tools and i’m veryexcited to publish this, maybe next or in a coupleof months anyway. So what is H-supertools it’s alsoone of my websites?

It’S like a SAAS service, butit’s free now, if it’s free, how i make money youcan see on front of you, i have advertisements iadvertise the website with ads with google adsensealso advertised with ezoic. I mentioned this in thelast video.

I think i am using ezoic to monetizeH-supertools, which gave me really a push in myrevenue, so i was using google adsense. I used to dolike 20 to 30 dollars per day on google adsensenow with ezoic.

Let’S see the dashboard you cansee now, i’m making like 40 41 36 even one day, imade 65.

So i boosted, i increased the revenue byusing ezoic on my H-supertools website, whichis a service that will scan your website and checkwhat are the best places to add your ad.

What arethe best ads for your website for your audienceto give you the best revenue? Also here i runsome private ads.

What’S this ad space is simplyi sell ad spaces? If you go back to my youtubechannel here to my video section, you remember, ifyou are following me: you can see this video herehow.

I make 99 dollars with a few clicks. It’S nota click bait. If you go back to my servicesi here, sell this service, which is promotingyour business or whatever you want on my websitesi, publish an ad on my websites, which is gettingtraffic, like i think, 162,000 views per monthand on my other website on the forum and so onso in This way i am selling also adspaces on these websites.

You see how iutilize everything my ad spaces my websitesmy menu to link everything together to connecteverything together. So on this website, i monitizewith ads with affiliate links and by the way if.

You go to affiliate section programs, you willsee. I help affiliate marketers here to select aservice, but all these all these links here, areaffiliate links.

So anyone clicks on the link andsign up, i will get a commission, so i am helpingaffiliate marketers at the same time and i canearn commission if anyone signs up because wehave the cookie policy, if someone clicks todayi, will still earn money if he signs up in the Nextyear – and this is the power of affiliate – marketingi – explain this strategy by the way the tablestrategy, also on my channel here in thisvideo, how to create this table and how toimplement it on wordpress anyway.

So this is mythird website or the second website H-supertools, where i provide free tools for everyoneat the same time i monetize with ads by selling adspaces and affiliate links and so on and again youcan see here i am linking back to the giveaways onmy main website. I am linking back to the forum youcan see to my blog and so on.

So again i am linkingback from this website to my main and otherwebsites, and by the way i now startedthree new SAAS businesses, the biourl.comthe and service all these services, i didn’t publish yetpublicly, which means you can’t subscribe now: tothose services – i am selling it privately for nowi’ll – explain this in detail in my full SAAS freecourse, also here on my channel. So don’t forgetplease subscribe to notifications to get everynew updates.

I’ll talk about this and how i buildthose services in detail later on and also by theway, if you go here to my domains, list in godaddyyou will see.

Yesterday yesterday i boughttwo new domains. Yesterday the first oneis called, because i amplanning to create a blog, a micro niche blogwhich, covers only affiliate marketing relatedcontent. I will start very soon with thisand.

Also, i bought a new domain, which is called, because i want to open alsoa shop, an online shop to sell some physical anddigital products. Also, when i publish this andimplement this, i will share with you everything iwill share with you.

How i promote this, how i willscale it and much much more so i think i showedyou almost everything about my businesses. You seei have my main website. I have my blog.

I have myforum, i have service website. I have H-supertoolsi, have my SAAS services.

I have my youtubechannel. I have a lot of other content. Likemy instagram account.

I have my udemy courses, ipublish also courses on udemy. If you go here, tomy udemy profile, i think you know if you arefollowing, i have a lot of courses on udemywhich is bestsellers.

Also. I have like 78,000students thank you, everyone, by the way, so ipublished a lot of content on the internet, italked about a lot of my other videos and thisin general.

What i do online and what and how iwork online don’t forget about the technical stuffi will publish soon a list of free courses.

How ibuilt my website, how i built my forum, how i builtmy service website, how i built everything i willshow you in detail, step by step, so you can cloneand create something similar if you want inyour business.

One last thing: i want to answerthe question about the number of subscriberswhy i have only four thousand and i havehundreds and thousands of visits on mywebsites every day.

Simply i delete them. Whyyou can see here. My average open rate is 40 % whichis.

Very, very good. If you are familiar with emailmarketing 10 average click rate which is alsosuper in email marketing, so how i achieve thisby, keeping my list active and keeping my listtargeted, so i always ensure to delete everyonein my list, who doesn’t open any email, even whodoesn’t click on my emails.

That’s it that’s simpleand! I advise you to do this, like every singlemonth try to go and delete, maybe expose them, andsave them back up them, but delete everyone who isnot active and keep your list fresh and active soyou can get the best out of your email marketingcampaigns. I hope you enjoyed this video thisshort course.

I thought my best to mention likeeverything. You must know all the tips. What i doif you have any questions about anything you wantjust, please comment them below.

I will be like forfour to five hours after the video to answer.

Anyquestions and if you want more detail, just go tomy forum, you can see i’m promoting my forum.

Nowand, submit your answers, submit your questionssorry on the forum. I will try my best to answerthem.

Almost every single day, don’t forget to likethe video subscribe. The notifications to get everynew update almost every single day see you later.

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